Surgical Funds

Together offering more ways to pay for surgical care.
Surgical Funds offers ASCs access to Health Credit Services (HCS) patient financing* through an exclusive partnership. HCS combines consumer finance expertise with inventive technology to make healthcare financing more accessible and easier. The partnership of our two organizations - one that understands the unique needs and challenges faced by the ASC industry and one dedicated solely to affordable healthcare financing - will greatly benefit ASCs and their patients. With access to affordable financing solutions, ASCs can now deliver services to a wider patient population.

*HCS loans are unsecured personal loans originated by Cross River Bank, member FDIC, Quorum Federal Credit Union, member NCUA, or MetaBank, member FDIC.

Provider Enrollment
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  • Attracts new patients
  • Increases case volume
  • Eliminates financing & collections responsibility
  • Shortens A/R
  • Accelerates revenue cycles
  • Streamlines workflow


  • Out-of-pocket costs known in advance
  • Removes financial stress
  • Provides an alternative to traditional lenders – banks
  • Innovative lenders fund higher patient populations


Before you begin the activation form we need you to confirm that you are a healthcare professional seeking a loan.

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